Luna Park, synopsis

wild dream

The phone rings in an office.
A woman is calling from a phonebox in the middle of the countryside.
In a foreign accent, she asks for an appointment with the head of the security branch.
And she begins to speak.

She : We have made an incredible discovery with unbelievable conséquences.
We first thought it was a coincidence, strange things happen.
But, as the information was confirmed, we came to the unheard of conclusion
that at this very moment, in your theme park …
They didn’t arrive by undetectable pocket submarine. May be, at the beginning
they played around, they used your distraction factories.
Then, they found how to organise. They are involved in a battle ; they have
to manage survival. Manage it. They saw the merit of utilizing the earth
as protection against radioctive fallout.
They have built a park under your park.

She has come to reveal the details, their idea, and now, she waited.

He : It’s all very interesting.
She : This not a laughing matter.
He : It is like going to the movies.
She : I am serious, extremely serious.
He : These are risky assumptions. I can believe almost anything.
I have believed almost anything. But what you are saying …
It requires resources – not just financial but social, intellectual – that are enormous.
She : A whole system. A whole system.
He : All of that could happen here, in such a quiet place. I wonder how it’s possible.
She : The secret.
Secrecy, where better to find it than in these official parks ?
He : Let’s say, let’s say in case. I love anything to do with spying.
We are in a controlled environment. We are in a disguised supermarket.
What we have done means you don’t have to go to New-York or Paris
or Disneyland or Hawaï. We have it all here, in one place.
Capitalism is an automaton.
She : It’s a circle.
He : Try and establish the facts. Invent proof. Find the name of the companies.
You just have to call on reality and fiction.
For ideological reasons ? Economical advantages ? Who knows about this ?
It’s happened in other countries ? In Rome, Germany, Russia ?
I can’t see anything tn particular.
She : We must learn to see.
I will never be able to share your vision of things.
He : I will never be able to share your vision of things.
She : The man waits.
He : Something stopped him.
She : That is not in its usual place. There is something wrong in the room.
He : Can we say it’s a coincidence ?
She : It’s impossible. It’s a first step.
He : There is certainly a plan, an order. Authenticity is important to us.
She : What we know from the documents and the photos matches exactly
what can be seen now. Atomic Park.
He : Atomic Park.

He wanted to see everything

She : Is it executed with absolute fidelity ?
He : Fantasy can be absolutely reproduced.
The Eternal City, the new space of gaming
She : The infantile citizenship.
He : No, an eclectic style.
She : A push-button style.
He : Where is the iron fencing, the admission ticket ?

He wanted to see everything

She : And see everything there was to see.
He : Can we say it’s a coincidence ?

The idea it’s caught in a loop.
To be caught in a loop.

She : It’s impossible.

And to have no idea to be caught in a loop.

She : It’s a first step.
He : There is certainly a plan, an order.

Panic attacks.
He wanted to see everything.
It’s not interactive.

She : It operates like an exhibitional museum.
He : This is how it goes.
She : Courage is not only one-directional.
He : This is everyday texture.
She : This is everyday texture.